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Provide a Quality Live Video Streaming Experience

eLivestream is a fully scalable, easy-to-administer video rebroadcasting service that dynamically enhances the viewer experience of virtually any website with multi-dimensional content. It is a cost-effective means for webmasters to ratchet up the excitement level of their sites by giving visitors instant accessibility to live video they can remotely control to find the perfect viewing angle.

With no plug-ins or downloads needed, and compatibility with any standard web-browser and mobile devices, supporting Pan, tilt, zoom and fixed IP or analog cameras, eLiveStream is simple to install, administer and view. eLiveStream allows websites to serve thousands of video viewers simultaneously, providing up to 30fps viewing, while reducing local bandwidth requirements up to 98% eliminating network bottlenecks at the camera/client level. With eLiveStream, the camera, no matter how many viewers log on, serves just one stream of video.

Managing live cameras for marketing can be a daunting task the new elive stream's backend system allows you to track all aspects of your camera stats, viewer base, and admin features. No matter if you are managing one live camera or a 100 camera system this feature makes it easy and cost effective.

eLiveStream Players interfaces

Superior Video Benefits

Public wait-in-line, real-time PTZ camera control staging

Java, Flash, Quicktime and WMF media formats

Customizable web-based interface and branding

Create time-lapse from any preset to show progress over time

640x480, 320x240, 352x240 and 160x120 video resolutions

eLiveStream Dashboard interface

Increased IP Camera Performance

Supports 1000’s of viewers simultaneously

Reduces local bandwidth requirements up to 98%

Flexible, scalable, and affordable

Real-time online viewer and bandwidth usage statistics

eLiveStream Admin interface

Improved Security

Anti-hijack support eliminates unauthorized camera access

Camera IP address remains private

Remote administration via secure web-based interface

Diagnostics alerts via email

Why eLiveStream?
eLivestream webcam relay system provides a robust worldwide network to support remote IP network camera while upgrading the viewers into a professional high quality live video presentation with camera controls. Our clients understand the need to have a professional live camera system experience that presents their business or service in the highest quality possible. US Relay has been designing and supporting professional IP camera broadcasts for over 10 years. Let our experience work for you.

How does it work?
elivestream utilizes one of the fastest network farms in the world to deliver ip camera live video feed to large audiences. Our relay network attaches to the remote camera as a single "client" then takes the live video with controls and transforms it into a robust live presentation complete with security, GUI, upgraded video quality, custom intros, management and QoS. The relay system requires low minimum upstream bandwidth therefore protecting local area networks and reducing infrastructure cost and maintenance.

eLiveStream in HD: Fast, Bandwidth Friendly High Definition Live Video Technology
Now with efficient H.264 compression live HD video uses half the bandwidth of standard definition and with twice the quality at an incredible 30 frames per second.

High Definition H.264 protocol improves the video resolution quality by encoding and transmitting two interlaced fields for each frame: 30 frames per second and 60 fields per second. This process allows us to present transcoded Flash based video that is immensely more fluid and lifelike. The result of this enhancement is a substantially higher resolution quality that approaches or matches MPEG-2 quality at a 64% lower bandwidth cost.

HD Relay next-generation video compression technology can match the best possible MPEG-2 quality at up to half the data rate. H.264 also delivers excellent video quality across the entire bandwidth spectrum — from 3G to HD and everything in between (from 40 Kbps to upwards of 10 Mbps).

Does H.264 live HD video require a large amount of bandwidth locally?
H.264 is a computationally advanced codec that simply requires a H.264 compatible HD network camera and a common broadband internet connection uploading our HD Relay worldwide server farm. For example, a full feature Live HD camera system requires a minimum of 500Kbps upload speed or greater in most locations these upload speeds are very common. Our live H.264 compression in fact connects to the remote cameras as a single socket connection so no matter if there are 10,000 viewers using, controlling and viewing the remote live HD camera at once the local bandwidth requirements are not impacted.

To learn more about H.264 streaming video, please visit www.hdrelay.com

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Live Demo

Take Camera Control
Try eLiveStream in HD at HDRelay.com
"The eLiveStream system is so reliable that I sometimes lose track of it being on, It isn't until a skier or other visitor mentions how much they enjoy watching the video does it sink in what a great tool it is. Being able to control the pan, tilt and zoom functions provides greater freedom to explore our mountain and the many exciting activities we stage year round."

Eric Hoffman, Interactive Marketing Director of Park City Mountain Resort
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